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All about colors here!!!   Download this activity here! colorcards

  1. These are cards to cut so that students can match colors and their names. You have to cut them up and you can laminate them so that students can play matching them.
  2. Another possibility is to make several copies of the color cards only, or cut them up on EVA, and hand out one per student. Then, as a game, you can say the following commands:

–      Raise your hand if you have color PINK

–      Raise your hand if you have color BLUE

–      Raise your hand if you have color BLACK

–      And so on.

Students have lots of fun and you will see how the whole class gets involved. It’s a typical TPR activity which praises the kinesthetic learners.

  1. A third possibility is having the students come to the board to stick the color which you say. Draw lines, like the following, on the board and stick one color on top of each column:


  1. Then, you say a color and every student who has that color raise their hands. You check and ask the ones who got it right to come to the board and stick the color card below the matching color.
  2. Remember, the rule has to be followed. Only the students who are respectful, who do not shout and who are quiet in their seats are to be allowed to stick their cards on the board. Once they see you are being firm and calm and sticking to the rule, they will gradually get more disciplined and respectful.
  3. Use positive reinforcement by saying words like: Great job, Johnnie! Wow! You got it, Annie! etc

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